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At Seaport Windows and Doors, we understand that in Orange County, even though it may not rain frequently, the days it does can challenge the integrity of your home’s windows. Water intrusion, especially around windows, can lead to costly damages and remodeling projects. To protect the value of your property and your family, it’s essential to ensure that your windows are properly sealed and maintained. In this blog, we’ll discuss window water intrusion testing in Orange County so you can ensure your windows are ready for the rain when it comes.

Water Intrusion and Its Impact

Windows are a critical element of your home, and water intrusion can lead to significant issues. It can rot the structural supports, degrade materials within the walls, and even affect your home’s energy efficiency, potentially increasing utility bills. Moisture intrusion can also damage the drywall, requiring extensive repairs, and can disrupt the electrical system, posing a safety hazard.

Health Risks from Water Intrusion

Beyond structural damage, water intrusion around windows can lead to health concerns. Chronic moisture can foster mold and fungal growth, which can aggravate or trigger respiratory problems. The presence of mold, especially black mold, can lead to serious health risks, occasionally requiring hospitalization.

Water Intrusion Testing Process

At Seaport Windows and Doors, we use the water intrusion testing standards set by ASTM International and AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association). Our process includes:

  • Gathering information about the building’s history and previous leaks, correlating them with weather events.
  • Conducting a visual inspection to identify signs of leaks.
  • Utilizing advanced tools like moisture sensors, mechanical penetrators, borescopes, and infrared thermography for detailed analysis.
  • If necessary, we may disassemble parts of the wall or window system for a thorough examination, always with your permission. A comprehensive report is compiled for your review.

Importance for Homes in Escrow

Water intrusion testing is invaluable for both buyers and sellers in the property transaction process. For buyers, it confirms the condition of the property and any previous repairs. Sellers can use it to validate the quality of repair work, potentially reducing liabilities. An unbiased report from Seaport Windows and Doors can facilitate negotiations and ensure peace of mind for both parties.

Infrared Thermography in Water Testing Intrusion

We incorporate infrared thermography, a critical tool for detecting water intrusion in Orange County. Our expertise in interpreting thermographic data allows us to accurately identify and address potential issues.

Water intrusion can significantly impact property values and the health of inhabitants. At Seaport Windows and Doors, our comprehensive water intrusion testing for windows ensures your property remains safe, secure, and well-maintained. Contact us to safeguard your home against the hidden dangers of water intrusion. Call (714) 220-3939 or click here to talk with one of our experts to set up an appointment.