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A Unique Approach to Design, Build, and Installation of Your Door System

For many companies your entry is just the sale of another door. At Seaport Windows and Doors we celebrate the entry and your entry door system is a very special item. It is the main portal to your home. The portal that every guest will see and touch, even before they enter your home. It will define your home and we feel it deserves very special consideration in design, build and installation.

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Crafting Your Perfect Entry

The look and feel that you have created, or are creating for your home, will help guide your choices in door style, color, product species, hardware style and color, and the like.  There are a plethora of choices when selecting the entry door to best capture your niche home, including the following: fiberglass or wood, painted or stained, side lites or a transom, glass or no glass, traditional or modern or rustic, and literally everything in between.  The amount of choices may seem overwhelming at first, but this is why we are here to assist you in finding the best fit possible.

Your new entry door can range in price from very affordable to down right out of this world, and regardless of the price, nothing is the norm.

Crafting Your Perfect Entry

Seamless Entry Door Installation

The entry door system is one of the most difficult decisions to make and at Seaport Windows and Doors we are here to help guide you through the maze of decisions and styles and select the right entry door for your home, as well as your budget. It is not just about price, it is about a fit. A fit of style, look and feel, as well as a fit within your means.

For the majority of entry door systems we use what we call a new construction back in type install. In this install process we focus on leaving the existing water proof interface in place, and in fact secure it into place so that we can remove the existing jamb components toward the interior and install the new jamb right back into place and up against the old stucco mold or exterior trim, from the interior, while leaving the existing water proof interface untouched. We then add new trims around the old molding to enhance the overall installation look but preserve the water proof integrity of the original entry door system. It is a proven technique and results in absolutely superb installations that are well protected against leaks, even in weather exposed conditions.

Balancing Style, Budget, and Performance for Your Home

  • Uniquely Tailored Designs: Our entry doors are meticulously crafted to reflect your unique style, with a wide range of materials and design options to choose from.

  • Budget-Conscious Solutions: We understand that each homeowner’s budget varies, and offer a diverse range of entry doors to ensure we meet your financial needs without compromising on quality.

  • Highly Skilled Installation: Our proven installation technique guarantees seamless integration of the new door, while preserving the waterproof integrity of your home.

  • Supportive Guidance: Navigating through the myriad of entry door choices can be overwhelming, and that’s why our team is here to guide you, ensuring the best possible fit for your home.

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