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Seaport Windows and Doors:
Your Go-To Source for Plastpro Fiberglass Doors

Choosing a front door isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s about warmth, welcome, security, and a reflection of those living behind it. A front door experiences the comings and goings of life, acting as a silent witness to the beginnings and endings of our days. This makes selecting the right door more than just a design choice—it’s about finding a representation of our lives, our safety, and our homes.

For nearly three decades, Plastpro has understood the deeper meaning and importance of doors. Established in 1994, the company has always emphasized superior products, consistent value, innovative technology, and unwavering commitment to its customers.

The Plastpro Difference

At the heart of Plastpro’s offerings are their fiberglass doors, which beautifully mimic the aesthetic charm of wood doors but carry the robust strength of steel ones. Conventional wood and steel doors, though long favored, come with their set of challenges, ranging from rotting and rusting to enduring weather damage. Plastpro’s fiberglass doors stand as an evolved solution, boasting immunity to such issues while requiring minimal maintenance.

These doors are an industry-first, integrating composite stiles and rails, the revolutionary HydroShield Technology, and composite Polyfiber (PF) Frames. A key feature is their full-length LVL block, ensuring formidable rigidity while allowing homeowners to choose from a myriad of door locks and hardware for enhanced security. With a plethora of designs, sizes, and styles, there’s a Plastpro door to match every home and every heart.

Plastpro Fiberglass Doors
Seaport Windows and Doors: A Proud Collaborator

Seaport Windows and Doors, known for its dedication to quality and service, proudly partners with Plastpro. This collaboration ensures homeowners receive not just a door, but a blend of style, strength, and reliability that both companies represent.

Commitment Beyond Commerce

For Plastpro, the journey doesn’t stop at manufacturing superior doors. The company’s ethos revolves around creating positive change, not just for its immediate stakeholders but for the broader community. Their longstanding collaboration with Habitat for Humanity stands testament to this, having facilitated the construction of eco-friendly homes for numerous low-income families across the nation. With over 500 door donations to various Habitat for Humanity chapters and other nonprofits, choosing a Plastpro door means joining a bigger mission, a broader purpose.

Plastpro Fiberglass Doors
Plastpro Fiberglass Doors
Plastpro Fiberglass Doors


A collaboration between Seaport Windows and Doors and Plastpro isn’t just about providing homeowners with an exceptional product. It’s about giving them an emblem of style, an assurance of security, and a testament to societal commitment. When you opt for a Plastpro door through Seaport, you’re not just elevating your home—you’re aligning with a purpose, with a promise, and with a legacy of giving back.