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What materials does Seaport Windows and Doors use in the construction of their “ULTIMATE” Bi Folding Door system?fotex2023-08-03T00:16:22+00:00

Seaport Windows and Doors is committed to using the best materials possible for the “ULTIMATE” Bi-Folding Door system. These include Brio Bi Folding Hardware, Azek cellular vinyl jamb components, Plaspro flush glazed fiberglass door panels or wood panels to match existing windows and doors, Schlegal weather stripping, and Novagard sealants.

What choices will I need to make when selecting an “ULTIMATE” Bi Folding Door system?fotex2023-08-03T00:16:31+00:00

Upon deciding to go with an “ULTIMATE” Bi-Folding Door system, there are several choices to consider. These include the size of the system, swing orientation, the number of panels, whether it should stand alone or all to one side, screen or no screen, sill height, and color. We will guide you through each of these decisions to ensure maximum performance and complete satisfaction.

What makes the “ULTIMATE” Bi Folding Door system offered by Seaport Windows and Doors so unique?fotex2023-08-01T22:57:18+00:00

The “ULTIMATE” Bi-Folding Door system offered by Seaport Windows and Doors is not just a door system but a transformative experience for your home that blends form and function to enhance your lifestyle. This system is built and installed with the highest quality components, creating a breathtakingly beautiful result that will leave you saying, “WOW!”.

How does Seaport Windows and Doors manage any required factory service after project completion?fotex2023-08-01T22:36:05+00:00

Seaport Windows and Doors stands by their customers. If factory service is required after project completion, we stay involved until the service is complete to ensure customer satisfaction.

What is Seaport Windows and Doors’ approach to trim work in window replacement?fotex2023-08-01T22:35:14+00:00

Seaport Windows and Doors prides itself on providing upgraded painted interior trim as standard, not an additional option. We trim the interior with detailed and painted mitered picture frame ogee stop trims or upgrade to jamb extensions and full interior casing, also painted to match the window. We do not use flat stick-on vinyl trims, also known in the industry as “Lick and Stick” trim.

How does Seaport Windows and Doors protect my home and furnishings during the installation process?fotex2023-08-01T22:34:10+00:00

Seaport Windows and Doors is fully committed to protecting your home during the installation process. Hard floor surfaces are covered with Red Resin paper, and carpet with carpet runners. We also cover home furnishings with lightweight painter’s plastic in each room we work in. The plastic is new for each room and is not moved from one room to another.

What materials does Seaport Windows and Doors use for their window installations?fotex2023-08-01T22:33:35+00:00

Seaport Windows and Doors uses the best materials in the industry with no compromises. We use GRK-coated fasteners, TRIM QUICK white hole plug covers, HILTI insulating foam, NOVAGARD back bead sealant (behind the retrofit), SIKA Polyurethane top out sealant (around the perimeter of the retro fin), and SHERWIN WILLIAMS acrylic latex paintable for interior applications.

What is the process followed by Seaport Windows and Doors when handling a project?fotex2023-08-01T22:32:49+00:00

The process begins with a free in-home consultation to understand the scope of the project and suggest the best products within the budget. We follow a systematic approach starting from providing a written estimate, prompt responses to client queries, a welcome packet with all administrative information, timely communication on product delivery, an inspection of products on delivery, scheduling installation, ensuring dedicated crew, and systematic replacement process. After the installation, we walk the owner through the finished product, provide the manufacturer’s warranty card, ask for feedback in written form, and do a complete clean-up.

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For the average home owner, a window or door upgrade is typically considered a major purchase and the selection of the window and door dealer is extremely important.

At Seaport Windows and Doors our goal is “COMPLETE FULFILLMENT”, from the initial phone call to the final item of completion.   There are many very good window and door product lines available, but typically not every product line can fill the need, create value and exist within an owner’s budget.  To achieve “COMPLETE FULFILLMENT” we will recommend and provide the right product that will marry need, value and budget.

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At Seaport Windows and Doors, our projects stand as testament to our commitment to quality, showcasing our ability to deliver tailor-made, high-performing window and door solutions that uniquely satisfy customer needs, add value, and fit within diverse budgets.

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