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Most homeowners want to do all they can to protect their home against unwanted intruders. Unfortunately, first story windows are the second most popular entry point for burglars, simply because they are easy to access and rarely secured. They can get inside with just a jimmy or a blow. So when considering Cypress, CA window replacement it would be beneficial to keep safety and security in mind. But what do you look for in a more secure window? Here are a few key points you don’t want to miss:

Frame Material

When choosing the frame material for a more secure window you need to look at strength and durability. Vinyl frames may be the most affordable, but fiberglass windows are actually eight times stronger. They are also more resistant to weather, bugs, moisture, and impact. Not only will fiberglass windows outlast most other products, but they can also help provide better security for your family and property. Aluminum window frames are another option to consider because they are strong and durable.

Window Style

There are several popular window styles you can choose from that will also help improve security. Picture windows do not open and close, and as such can help keep your home more secure. But if you are looking for a window style that offers ventilation, the most secure option is usually casement windows. These open and close with the use of locks and hand cranks located on the interior of the home. But casement windows aren’t always ideal because you have to account for proper outdoor clearance so windows can open and close. Other good options are sliding windows with cam action locks that render the window immobile and difficult to break into from the outside.

Glazing Technology

Sophisticated locks and resilient frames are great, but won’t make much difference if a thief is willing to break the glass. But choosing an impact resistant glazing system will. Modern windows come with two or three layers of glass with special laminate coatings that protect them from an impact. The glass may shatter, but the barrier remains in places making entry more difficult.

Lock Systems

Hardware is another important factor when improving the security of your home. You can get latches, keyed locks, cam-action locks, and swivel-action locks installed on different windows. Today most windows come with stronger locks for even better security. If not, you can invest in stronger locks and install them yourself. You can also get safety bars and other security products that make them more difficult to break in to.

There are many ways of window replacement in Cypress, CA can improve the security of your home and bring you peace of mind. For the best security options sit down with one of our consultants at Seaport Windows and Doors. They can give you more details about the best products and make recommendations based on your needs, values, and budget. For more information call (714) 220-3939. Or to meet with someone in person stop by 4201 Katella Ave., Los Alamitos, CA 90720.