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Window replacement in Westminster, CA is a sizable investment, and many homeowners want to put it off as long as possible. So instead of opting to replace their windows, they look for repairs where they can in an effort to save money. You can do a lot to repair outdated windows, but eventually, they will reach a point where window replacement is necessary. So here are a few problems you can solve with window repair, and some that require replacement windows.

Problems you can Repair

Here are a few issues you can resolve with window repairs:

1. Minor Damages

Small nicks and dings on your windows are inevitable. You can try to repair most of these with putt, filler, paint, and refinishing. This is especially true of wood or fiberglass windows. Vinyl and aluminum windows are a bit of a different story. These materials should not dent or scratch easily, but if they do there isn’t much you can do to repair the damage.

2. Difficult Operation

Windows should operate smoothly. This is more than just convenience. You also need windows to open and close easily for safety. But if a window is difficult to open or gets stuck in the track you want to fix it as soon as you can. Try clearing the track and lubricating the parts. This might loosen up the sash and allow for easier operation. If not, this could mean the frame has warped and the sash no longer fits properly. In these cases, replacement may be the only option.

3. Drafts

As windows age materials wear out and gaps start to form in the window assembly. These gaps can lead to air and moisture leaks. You can fill some smaller gaps with caulk or replacement weather-stripping. This should improve insulation and prevent leaks. Unfortunately, larger gaps or leaks that stem from poor installation are not as easily repaired.

4. Damaged Screens

Aside from allowing in pests while the windows are open, slashes or holes in your screens don’t impact the functionality of your windows much. But they can have a negative impact on aesthetics. Fortunately, you can usually find screen material at the home improvement store or hire a professional to simply replace damaged screens for an affordable price.

Problems you Can’t Repair

These are some window problems that require replacement windows:

1. Condensation

Moisture collecting on the exterior surfaces of your windows is not usually cause for concern. It is fogging between the glass that is an issue. This means the seals on the window have failed. The inert gas between the frames has leaked out and regular air has filled up the space. This means moisture is trapped between the glass and reacts to temperature fluctuations. It isn’t something you can fix with repairs.

2. Rotting or Warping Frames

While spotty damage can be easy to fix, extensive warping or rotted frames is not so simple. These problems can make windows inefficient and unsafe. The best option is to pull out the old window and replace it.

3. Outdated Insulation

Modern windows have so many advanced technologies, and most of them are meant to improve insulation. With stronger materials, airtight styles, and glazing technologies these windows perform better than ever. There is no way to repair an old window and make it as efficient as a newer model.

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