When you purchase a brand new home you expect the products and materials to last. But sadly that is not always the case—especially with builder-grade windows. While they may look like any other product on the market, builder-grade windows are not the highest quality. They might start having problems sooner than you anticipate, and before long, you will need replacement windows in Long Beach, CA. How long can you expect new-construction windows to last? This is what you need to know:

What are Builder-Grade Windows?

Manufacturers often create products in tiers. The high quality products are made from better materials with more special features. These last the longest, provide the best insulation and will be more expensive. The mid-grade products are built to a slightly lower standard. They may not last as long but will be more affordable. And the lowest quality windows are often the new-construction products. They are the most affordable, designed to help contractors and builders cut costs. But these products do not provide the same level of performance and do not last nearly as long. Most contractors and builders do offer the option to upgrade. Unfortunately, new home buyers can’t always afford the inflated cost and have to stick with the lower standard products.

How Long Do Builder Grade Windows Usually Last?

While there are several factors to consider, most builder-grade windows only last a short time. They are lower quality products and often get installed by framers or general contractors instead of true windows professionals. As a result, new-construction windows are not properly squared, leveled, and insulated. They may do the job just fine for a while but typically last for just five to ten years. That isn’t very long when compared to the 30+ years you could get from higher quality products.

Signs it is Time to Replace Builder-Grade Windows

Some of the most common complaints about new-construction windows include broken seals, faulty hardware, and degrading frames. These lower quality windows become difficult to operate. Air leaks lead to an increase in heating and cooling bills. Condensation starts to form between the panes. Outside noise gets more and more noticeable. Any one of these signs could indicate it is time for replacement windows. And they are not problems you should ignore or put off for too long.

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