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People have a natural attraction to and a need for natural light. It is why dwellings from early caves to modern enclosures all have holes carved out. They give the occupants access to light, ventilation, and the outdoors. Can you imagine a home without any fenestrations or openings? It would be a dark, enclosed space that doesn’t sound practical or appealing, especially in a home. It is partly why windows are important. And if you are not getting enough light and ventilation in your home, it might be time for replacement windows in Long Beach, CA:  

What are the Benefits of Natural Light?  

Proper daylighting has many benefits including:  

Energy Savings 

Approximately 47 percent of the energy used in a home goes towards cooling, heating, and artificial light. When you have natural light you do not need to spend as much energy lighting and heating your home. Savings can be anywhere from 15 to 40 percent.   

Circadian Rhythms 

Natural light stimulates the visual system and helps trigger more natural circadian rhythms. That means you can sleep more deeply at night and be more alert and have more energy during the day.  

Happiness and Health 

Daylight is also essential to our health. It is the leading source of vitamin D which is essential to the regulation of the immune system, maintenance of body weight, and calcium absorption and bone growth. It also triggers the production of hormone release making you feel more positive and energized. A lack of sunlight can result in conditions like sleep disorders, behavioral problems, and eating disorders.   

Focus and Productivity 

Natural light helps cut down on eyestrain and helps improve concentration and productivity. In fact, studies show people who work in a naturally lit room perform 10 to 25 percent better on tests of memory recall and mental function and work 6 to 12 percent faster.   

Best Replacement Windows for More Natural Light 

Looking to get more natural light in your home? Try these window styles:  

Picture Windows 

These fixed windows come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Larger openings will give you more natural light, especially when installed on south or west-facing sides of the home. They also give you an exceptional view of the outdoors and will become the focal point in almost any room.   

Clerestory Windows 

These windows sit high up on the walls along the roofline, an area that is often wasted space. They give you plenty of natural light, but also allow you to retain a lot of privacy. Many homeowners choose to install these types of windows in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and living areas.  


Bay and Bow Windows replacement windows in Long Beach, CA

These window installations feature a larger picture window with operable windows flanking either side. The operable windows are set on an angle so the window projects outside the home. Not only does this give you a little extra square footage, but also allows daylight to shine in from different angles throughout the day.   

Want more information on how to get natural light into your home with replacement windows is Long Beach, CA? Call Seaport Windows and Doors today at (714) 220-3939. Our experts can walk you through the best window styles and find something to match your budget. Stop by 4201 Katella Ave., Los Alamitos, CA 90720 anytime to check out our products.