When choosing the right material for replacement windows in your home, the competition can be really tight. You like the look of real wood, but fear the upkeep. Or you prefer the price of vinyl over wood. But honestly, it can be hard to keep track of all the pros and cons. So here is a little breakdown to help you pin down which option might be best for your home—wood or vinyl?

Wood vs Vinyl Comparison

Here are some of the main categories customers want to know about so you can take a head to head look at these window materials:

  1. Lead times

Vinyl windows are fairly easy to manufacture and many window styles and sizes are readily available. So the lead times and deliveries on vinyl windows tend to be much faster. Wood window frames will often take longer and you could be waiting several more weeks for your installation dates.

  1. Maintenance

For low maintenance, vinyl windows are especially easy. The material is weather proof, rust proof, pest proof—really they can hold up against almost anything. All you have to do is wash the frames every few weeks and keep the tracks clean and lubricated. There is very little to do for upkeep beyond those basics. Wood windows, on the other hand, require much more work. You have to keep the frames dry and dust free. You also have to watch for insects and other pests that might infest the wood. Every few years you will need to sand down your frames and re-finish them to keep them in top shop. They look amazing, but do require more work.

  1. Energy Efficiency

When it comes to efficiency, both materials are on par with each other. Both are naturally great insulators and will not allow much heat to transfer through the frames. And you don’t have to worry about much movement substrate (expansion and contraction due to hot and cold temperatures) with either one.

  1. Sustainability

Wood windows come from naturally renewable resources, which is good. But if you are looking to preserve the forests, then these windows might not be for you. Vinyl is entirely man made, and while the production process does emit some waste and pollution, these windows are almost 100% recyclable.

  1. Strength

Both are fairly strong and versatile materials built to last. That said, neither one can hold a candle to the strength of aluminum and fiberglass frames. So basically the frames on these windows will often look bulkier, and larger installations might require grilles or muntins to support the glass in the frame.

  1. Price

Vinyl windows are some of the most affordable on the market, while wood windows are often the most expensive. While you shouldn’t base your decision on price alone, it is a very important factor. Wood offers a warmer, more elegant finish that is classic and beautiful. Vinyl, while it tries to mimic a wood finish, will never quite reach the elegance of real wood. But it is a close comparison, and if you can’t afford wood, vinyl is a viable alternative.

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