Next to choosing a material, choosing a window style is often the toughest choice homeowners make, especially when they discover they do not have to replace an existing window with the exact same style. There are so many options, it’s hard to choose. To help you feel confident in your decision, here is what you should know about sliding windows.

What are Sliding Windows?

More traditional single and double-hung windows open vertically. Sliding windows open horizontally. Usually there is one operable pane that slides over a stationary pane. You can even order double or triple-sliders with several operable panes. Just know that the more moving parts you have, the higher the windows will cost.

Where Should I Install Sliding Windows?

These windows work almost anywhere. Many homeowners will install them in living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. Because they do not require any additional space for outswing, you can use sliders along an outside patio or walkway. The only places these windows do not work well are high up on the wall where you can’t reach them.

Pros of Sliding Windows

Here are a few advantages you get with horizontal sliders:


Horizontal sliders are versatile. Manufacturers can make them in a variety of widths and heights so you can customize size to suit your window opening.


You get a lot of control over ventilation. You can open the window a crack or all the way. That said, much like single and double-hung windows, even with the window fully open, half of the window will still be covered.


When it comes to window operation, sliding windows are simple. You do not have to worry about lifting, pushing, or pulling down the sash or spinning a crank. Instead, you get a smooth side-to-side motion. The window locks are also easy to operate.


Most horizontal sliders have fewer parts. There are no springs or pulleys that will eventually break down. The simple rollers are easy to maintain and repair or replace.

Cons of Sliding Windows

There are also some disadvantages with this window style, including:


Because only part of the window opens, these windows are not the easiest to clean. You will want to find windows where the movable sash is easy to pull out and re-insert. Also, the track tends to collect dirt. You will need to clean and lubricate it to keep your window in top condition.

Energy Efficiency

Sliding windows do not seal as tightly as casement windows. If you live in a windy area, you might notice leaks through the gap between panes.


While these windows do lock, they are not as secure as some other window styles. You may want to upgrade your latches and hardware if you plan to install these windows on the ground level.

Finding the Right Contractor for Sliding Windows

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