There are so many material and style options for replacement windows. Navigating all the options can be stressful and sorting through them is not something you want to take lightly. New windows are a big investment and you don’t want to replace windows again any time soon. So to help you make the most informed decision possible, here is some information on a popular window style—picture windows.

What are Picture Windows?

These non-operation windows feature a glazed unit sealed directly in the window frame. They are often larger windows with low profile frames and expansive glass surfaces. With picture windows, you get the maximum view and natural light. But you can also customize these windows in shape and size to match or accent other windows and architectural features in your home. And because you do not have to worry about closing and opening fixed windows, you can choose unique shapes like arced, oval, and diamond. There are so many possibilities when you opt for picture windows.

Where Can I Install Picture Windows?

You can put a fixed or picture window almost anywhere. Most homeowners choose to create a statement piece in their living room by featuring a large picture window. This is especially true if you have a beautiful view. And you can flank picture windows with smaller, operational windows so you can still enjoy ventilation. But you can also use fixed or picture windows in unique ways, like a tall, narrow window inset in a corner of the room to create a cozy nook. Or long, transverse windows high up on the wall of a bedroom for improved daylighting. There are so many possibilities.

Pros of Picture Windows

A few of the advantages you get with picture windows include:

Expansive view. This is the number one reasons why homeowners choose picture windows, to take full advantage of an amazing and unobstructed view of the outdoors.

Fewer Repairs. With fixed and picture windows, you don’t have to worry about cranks or springs breaking down and causing mechanical problems. The upkeep is easy and straight forward.

Best energy efficiency. Because it is a sealed unit, the only way for energy to escape is heat transmission. If you choose double-glazing with low-e coatings, these windows will provide maximum energy savings.

Capitalize natural light. Another way to save is by using natural light instead of artificial light in your home. With large picture windows you get more light transmitting into your home for better daylighting.

Create a statement. While these windows are not operable, they do have a huge impact on the style of a room. Often they will become the focal point of the space. You can dress them up with curtains or drapes, or take a more minimalist approach with clean lines.

Cons of Picture Windows

Some disadvantages include:More difficult to clean. Because the windows do not open, you have to clean the exterior surfaces from outside. This isn’t going to be easy if you install picture windows anywhere above the first floor.

No ventilation. Non-operable means you can’t open the window to release heat and humidity. So for places like the kitchen and bathroom, you will want to think about operable windows.

No escape. Building codes require an egress window (one large enough to escape through) in every living space. Picture windows do not meet that criteria. You will have to install other windows along with picture windows in bedrooms or other living spaces.

Where Should I Buy Picture Windows in Garden Grove, CA?

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