When choosing new windows in Signal Hill, CA there are several things to consider. Each unique style offers a variety of pros and cons. It can be overwhelming trying to evaluate all the information. 

What are Casement Windows? 

These windows hinge to one side and usually operate on an inside hand crank. The single sash opens outward, just like a door, giving you great ventilation. 

Where Can I Install Casement Windows?  

These are highly versatile windows. The simple design works well with almost any architectural and personal style. Many homeowners choose to install casements windows in hard to reach areas like above the kitchen sink or behind the couches. This way they can still operate the window, even if they can only reach with one hand. 

Pros of Casement Windows 

Here are the advantages you can expect with casement windows:

Better Ventilation 

Many other window styles can only open one half at a time. Even with double-hung windows there will always be half of the window closed off. This is not so with casement windows. You can capitalize on those breezes and open the entire window. You can also catch the side breezes that blow along your house because casements can open at an acute angle. 

Open View 

Because these are a single pane, and usually a smaller one at that, these windows do not require muntins for support. That means you do not have any gridlines obstructing your view. 


The hook-shaped locks of casement windows make them very difficult to break into. The hooks embed inside the frame and it would take quite a lot for an intruder to gain access through a locked casement. 

Easy Operation 

The hand crank operation makes these windows easy to open and close, with just one hand. As long as the mechanism is well cared for, operation should continue to run smoothly for many years. 

Energy Efficiency 

In fact, these are the most efficient windows second to picture windows. This is because the latches seal off air leaks, and if the wind blows against these windows it only works to tighten that seal. Very little outside air will leak into your home, and you will see energy savings. 

Cons of Casement Windows 

A few of the disadvantages that come with casement windows include: 

More Mechanical Parts 

Unlike sliders, casement windows have a crank system you need to turn. This means more parts that can wear out or break over time. In some cases you can simply replace the broken part, but usually you will need to replace the entire window unit.  

Won’t Fit Conventional A/C Unit 

If you are used to using a standard window mounted air conditioner, then you will want to think about getting different windows. Because of their operation, casement window cannot house these types of units. The opening is often too narrow and the sash will not allow proper installation. 

Exposed When Open 

Awning windows give you added protection, so you can open your windows in the rain. This is not true of casement windows. When open, your home is completely exposed. The sash is also vulnerable to being knocked or bumped and broken. 

Size Limitations 

Because of the side hinges, casement windows cannot be too wide. Otherwise the frame and hinges would not be able to support the added weight. 

Screens on the Inside 

For the most part this isn’t a huge drawback. But if you have young children or pets that could scratch at the screens, you can see how this would quickly become a problem. 

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