When choosing a window style in Signal Hill, CA there are so many options to consider. Two very popular choices are bay and bow windows. They will easily become the focal point in every room and help boost the curb appeal on the outside of your home as well. If you haven’t considered them yet, here are a few reasons to give bay and bow windows a closer look.

What are Bay and Bow Windows?

A bay window is three window openings installed as one unit that projects outside. The central window is usually a large picture window flanked by two smaller, operable windows. Because the windows are placed on an angle, the window projects outside. A bow window is a similar installation, but typically has four or more window openings set on a curve. The windows can be fixed or operable depending on your needs.

Where Should I Install Bay or Bow Windows?

Most home owners install bay and bow windows in their formal sitting or living spaces. But another great option is to have one installed in your bedroom.

Pros of Bay and Bow Windows

There are a lot of benefits to bay and bow windows, including:

  1. Great Natural Light

More glass means more natural light entering your space. With three or more panes of glass, these windows are great if you are looking to brighten up a room. Because they are set on angles or on a curve, there are more directions for light to stream through. With that also comes a great view. So if you have an amazing vista or yard you want to enjoy, a bay or bow window could be a good choice.

  1. Improved Ventilation

These windows, should you choose operable styles like double-hung, will improve the natural airflow in your home. When the windows are set on an angle they can help catch breezes in more directions.

  1. More Space

This is one of the features you just can’t ignore. In addition to more light and ventilation, both bay and bow windows can give you more interior space. So you will have the room for that extra bench seat or breakfast nook you have been wanting.

Cons of Bay and Bow Windows

While there are many advantages, a few disadvantages of these windows styles include:

  1. Structural Issues

If not properly installed, these windows can cause structural problems. Why? Because they are large and heavy window units, and the structure of your home needs to support them. This is why you should also get professional help when replacing your windows with bay or bow windows.

  1. Cost

These combined window units are large, angular, and not as easy to install. As such they cost more than most other window styles.

  1. Window Treatments

Though a minor concern, it can be more complicated to dress these window styles. They aren’t very accommodating for large curtain rods. There are curves and corners to account for. But roll-down shades are an elegant and popular option.

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