Fresh, clean air is an essential element to sustain life, health, and well being. Older homes have more small openings that allowed for a constant exchange of air with the outdoors. And while that isn’t ideal for energy efficiency, it is for ventilation. Today, homes are sealed up tight. That is why, no matter the season or time of year, it is important to maintain ventilation in your home. Opening doors and windows in Huntington Beach, CA is the most effective option. By opening your home at least once a day, you allow old, damp air out and clean, fresh air in.  And some window styles work better than others. Here are the best window for ventilation:

Casement Windows

These windows hinge to one side and swing outward when open. They are easy to operate, usually with a hand crank or motor. When shut, these windows form a tight seal that tighten further when wind blows against it. That is why if you have these windows in your home, you need to open them on occasion for improved ventilation. Because the entire window can open (instead of just half), these windows are great for letting fresh air in. You can even control how much ventilation you want by cracking the window or opening it fully. You can even catch the sidelong breezes that blow along the exterior of your home, unlike most other window styles.

Horizontal Sliders

This is another popular window style for ventilation and many homeowners prefer them because they do not protrude into the outdoor space. Instead, they are flush with the exterior, so you can easily install them along outdoor walkways or patios. One operable window sash slides across a fixed pane to open and close the window. With horizontal sliders, you have good control over how much ventilation you get by opening the window part way or fully. The leading drawback for these windows is that you can only open half of the window at a time.

Double-Hung Windows

These are very similar to horizontal sliders, only they operate vertically. One or two sashes slide to open and close these windows. Again, you can only ever open half of the window unless you remove the panes. But, compared to horizontal sliders, these windows are naturally more efficient at ventilation. When you open both the upper and lower sash, fresh air comes in through the bottom, forcing the warmer, stale air out through the top. This natural circulation is one of the leading reasons why homeowners choose these windows in Huntington Beach, CA.

Awning Windows

Tired of not being able to open your windows and capitalize on fresh on during rainy days? Then these are your windows of choice. Like the name suggests, these windows hinge at the top and open outward like an awning. As such, you can open them up when it rains outside, letting all the fresh air in and keeping the rain out. That said, these windows are often smaller than most other window styles, so keep that in mind.

Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows are a series of windows acting as a single unit. Bay windows usually feature a single window flanked by two other windows set on an angle. Bow windows are four or more windows set on a curve.  These special windows open up your space with more natural light and give you some extra square footage. But they also can catch breezes from at least two different directions. This is something other standard styles cannot do.

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