When it comes to choosing new windows Long Beach, CA one of the first things homeowners consider is window material. The frame will largely dictate the style and benefits of your new windows. With that in mind, here is a short guide to get you thinking about the right window material for your home.


By far this is the most popular material for windows in Long Beach, CA. It is affordable, durable, energy efficient, and practically maintenance free. And vinyl is more than just glorified plastic. Manufactures have unique “recipes” they use to improve strength, heat resistance, and to prevent yellowing. This construction-grade material will not fade, warp, chip, or peel in the sun. All you have to do is clean seasonally with a mild detergent to keep them looking like new. The leading drawback is you have more limited color options and can’t repaint vinyl windows.


While not often used for residential buildings anymore, aluminum windows are still an option on the market. Homeowners who choose aluminum often have a certain esthetic in mind. These window frames are strong, thin, and light. You can have larger panes of glass unobstructed by mullions and transoms (gridlines between panes of glass). These windows have outstanding structural integrity and durability. This makes these windows great if you want a more modern, minimalistic window style. But metal window frames conduct heat and are not as energy efficient. Manufacturers overcome this flaw by implementing thermal breaks inside the frame. And while you can choose almost any finish for your aluminum windows, any scratches or chips could lead to corrosion and rust.


A traditional classic, and for good reason. Nothing can compare to the beauty of natural wood windows. They are absolutely one of the most elegant choices. Unfortunately high class also comes with a steeper price tag. Wood windows in Long Beach, CA are some of the most expensive windows on the market. Not only do you pay more up front, but you also keep paying because they require more maintenance. You need to periodically sand and refinish these window frames to keep them looking beautiful. Fortunately they are more energy efficient, and you can partner wood frames on the inside with clad frames on the outside for the best of both worlds.


While a step up from conventional wood frames, composite windows are consistent with other composite wood products. It is a pressed and laminated lumber. While more stable with better structural and thermal properties, you still have to worry about moisture and decay.


These tend to be a happy medium for many homeowners. You can get the traditional look of wood windows with the durability and easy maintenance of vinyl. Plus you can paint fiberglass. They have excellent thermal performance, strength, and durability. And because the frame material expands and contracts at the same rate as glass (which has a very low expansion rate), you are less likely to have problems with seal failure. That said, you will pay more for fiberglass than you would with vinyl. But sometimes the investment is worth it.

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