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Choosing the right replacement windows in Los Alamitos, CA is a big decision. There are so many options on the market and finding the perfect match for your home is no easy task. There are so many things to consider about the form and function. And how do you keep all the different styles straight? Well here is a quick guide to help you differentiate between the most popular styles for replacement windows:

Picture Windows

These are fixed, non-operable windows. They can be big or small and because there are no moving parts they come in a range of different shapes. These windows are great for adding extra light to a room, making it feel and look bigger. They are also good for energy-efficiency because there are no breaks in the assembly. Picture windows could work in almost every room in the house.

Sliding Windows

These are a standard option in many homes because of the simple design. With sliding windows, one operable pane moves back and forth across a fixed pane. They are easy to operate and maintain. Homeowners often like to use sliding windows in bedrooms and living areas.

Single Hung Windows

These windows are a more traditional style where one pane moves up and down overlapping with a fixed pane. Typically the bottom sash is the one that moves. These windows are great for light and ventilation. Homeowners often install them in kitchens and living areas where ventilation is needed.

Double Hung Windows

With these windows, both of the sashes move up and down inside the frame. While this doesn’t necessarily make the opening any bigger, it does allow the homeowners the ability to have both the upper and lower portion of the window open at the same time to foster more natural airflow. These windows are a good option to use in bathrooms and utility rooms where it is important to have optimal ventilation.

Casement Windows

These windows are a great choice because they hinge to one side. They open and close much like a door, but operate on a hand crank. Casement windows are perfect for those hard to reach areas like above the sink or behind the couches.

Awning Windows

Just as the name suggests, these windows hinge at the top and push outward to open, creating an awning. They are great if you live in an area where rain is common, but you still want to open your windows for fresh ventilation.

Bay Windows

These windows are three panels installed as a single unit. The central panel is a lager fixed window. Then to the side are usually two smaller, operable windows arranged on an angle so the entire unit projects outside. These larger replacement windows actually add some extra space inside the home.

Bow Windows

These are another popular projection window, but instead of only three panels, there are four or more arranged on a curve. The windows can be fixed or operable. These are a good option if homeowners want to enjoy an expansive view.

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