Vinyl is a great all-weather material for windows in Westminster, CA. It will not rot, rust, or corrode due to moisture. It will not warp or fade due to sun exposure. It is an excellent insulator because it is mostly plastic. And it will not dent or scratch. There are so many benefits to choosing vinyl windows and yet many homeowners are still hesitant. Why? Because some manufacturers cut corners and do not produce the high quality vinyl windows customers expect. So if you are looking at replacement windows and are interested in vinyl, here are things to watch for that showcase a quality product:

Welded Corners

When looking for quality vinyl windows, an easy giveaway is the corners. You do not want to see a line at the seam. This means the corners are held together with brackets, screws, and caulking. Instead you want to see welded material. This ensures the tightest seal that will hold up better over time and use. In fact, top manufacturers produce vinyl windows with such precision that you cannot even see the seam where the frame has been fusion-welded together.

Material Thickness

Another way to look for quality vinyl windows is to see a cross-section of the window frame. Here, you will be able to see how thick the material is throughout. Thicker vinyl means more strength, durability, and insulation.

Multiple Chambers

While looking at a cross section, you will also notice several interlocking chambers that make up the inside of the frame. During installation, the contractors will fill these spaces with insulation foam. The more chambers you can see in the vinyl windows, the more energy efficiency you will get from the windows.

Ingredients in the Vinyl

This isn’t something many homeowners think about. But because vinyl is a polymer, it features different combinations of chemicals, materials, and additives. Each manufacturer will have a unique set of ingredients it uses to produce vinyl and some windows will be better than others. In quality vinyl, you want to see the use of organic tin and titanium dioxide. These key components increase strength, durability, thermal resistance, and help prevent yellowing and fading.


The windows labels can tell you a lot about different products and help you compare windows. High quality window products should be rated by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) or the American National Standards Institute, Inc (ANSI). These certifications show your windows meet that safety and durability standards set out by these institutions. You should also read the labels from the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). These will tell you how well the window insulates and protects against air, moisture, and solar radiation leaks. Good ratings point to good products.

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