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Clean windows fill your home with natural light and make rooms feel larger, well kept, and more welcoming. Dirty windows have the opposite effect, making a home feel dingy, unkempt, and reducing the perceived value of your home. But in the summertime, it is often more difficult to keep windows clean. The climate is part of it, as is heavy pollen, sap, dirt, and other types of debris that tend to ramp up when the weather gets warm. So if you want to prolong the life of your replacement windows in Long Beach, CA and enjoy crystal clean windows all summer long, here are some helpful tips:

Know When to Wash

Many homeowners end up washing windows on bright, sunny days in the summer. While this is great for seeing exactly how clean your windows are, this is not an ideal time for window washing. The heat tends to dry out windows before you can clean away all the debris. This leaves behind streaks and grime. The heat also gets inside your home on hot days and ramps up the air conditioning if you don’t shut it off. A better time to clean windows is in the early morning or the late evening. This is when there is still plenty of light, but the heat isn’t as much of an issue.

Use the Proper Cleaners

As you might know, not all window cleaning products work the same. If you are cleaning older windows with wear and stubborn stains you might need to employ more powerful cleaning products. You might also consider using a soft bristle brush or strip applicator to scrub away grime without scratching the windows. But if you are cleaning newer replacement windows they will not require as much care and maintenance. You only need to use a mild detergent and generic window cleaner to keep these products looking new.

Dry with the Right Materials

It seems like everyone has their own unique method for getting a streak-free shine on their window panes. Some stand by using newspapers while others claim paper towels are the best. We find that a microfiber cloth is best suited to the job. It is soft and can buff the glass to a clean shine. They are also soft, super absorbent, and reusable.

Do Not Use Harsh Chemicals, Abrasives, or Power Washers

When it comes to cleaning windows homeowners need to be as thorough, but as gentle as possible. Harsh chemicals, abrasive scrubbers or brushes, and power washers end up doing more harm than good. They can scratch the glass coatings, ruin the finish, or break the seals and cause other problems. Do not use any of these items to clean replacement windows.

Know when it is Time for Replacement Windows

After a few decades, windows will reach the point of no return, and it will be time to get replacements. Signs include leaks, difficult operation, a lack of efficiency, and damage.

If it is time for replacement windows in Long Beach, CA consider calling (714) 220-3939. The experts at Seaport Windows and Doors help you choose the best products and give you tips to help you care for your new windows. Stop by 4201 Katella Ave., Los Alamitos, CA 90720 if you have any questions.