One of the key elements in architectural design is getting natural light into the space through well placed windows and doors. Can you imagine how dark and cramped your home would feel without any natural light? Sunlight is essential to life. It can also impact your mood and your well-being.  It also makes your space feel bigger, brighter, and more welcoming. More daylight can also lessen the cost of artificial lighting. This is why it is so important to capitalize on the natural light coming through the windows of your home. If you want to reap the benefits of daylight, these tips will help you maximize natural light in your home:

  1. Clean Your Windows

Sounds simple enough, but a lot of homeowners neglect their windows, and over time the dust and dirt can really pile up. Making an effort to regularly clean the glass, both inside and out, will really help brighten up your space. Such a simple step can make a significant difference.

  1. Lighten your Drapes

Again, fairly simple. If you want more light, then you should cover your windows less. Instead of thick heavy fabric, choose something sheer or gauzy. It is one of the best ways you can still maintain privacy while letting in all the daylight.

  1. Decorate With Lighter Colors

Dark and heavy colors absorb light, while light colors reflect it. So while dark carpets and furniture might have a place, the lighter colors will help brighten and open up the space. Try to favor more neutral tones like white, tan, beige, and grey. And if you want more variety, try light yellow or blue. Use dark tones for simple accent pieces instead of the majority of your pieces.

  1. Try Reflective Surfaces

Another solution is bouncing light around the room with mirrors, glass, and other glossy surfaces. Polished wood, ceramic, or stone floors and counters will reflect more light. Lucite chairs or end tables allow light to travel right through. Large mirrors on the walls opposing your windows will really help brighten up a room. All of these tricks can help increase the natural light in your space.

  1. Trim the Trees

Greenery can make for a great view, but also creates a lot of shade. If you have large trees and shrubs growing around your home, pay attention to how much light they block, especially on the southern side of your home. Trimming them back will allow more light to reach the windows.

Window Installation in La Palma, CA

You can’t capitalize on natural light that you don’t have. So if you have areas of your home lacking natural light, the best thing to do is install some windows. With so many styles and options at your disposal you are sure to find the right solution for your home. Perhaps a transom window high up in the bathroom, or a skylight in the attic. These allow you to maintain privacy in these spaces while still giving you the benefits of natural sunshine. For more details, you can check windows in La Palma, CA.  If you want to get an estimate on installing new windows call Seaport Windows and Doors today at 714-220-3939. Or stop by 4201 Katella Ave., Los Alamitos, CA 90720 to talk to one of our professional window installers.