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Getting replacement windows in Huntington Beach, CA is a big investment. The last thing homeowners want to do is make a mistake when choosing the styles for new windows and getting stuck with products that are a disappointment.

Almost all windows let in some amount of natural sunlight and most windows also open for ventilation. Those are pretty standard. But beyond that, very few people consider the other functions their windows perform. To find the right products, homeowners should also consider functions like insulation, safety, security, maintenance, noise performance, and aesthetics when choosing replacement windows.


An efficient window will block unwanted heat transfer so homeowners are not wasting energy keeping temperatures cool in the summertime and warm in the winter. The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), U-Factor, and Air Leakage (AL) are product ratings that show how well the windows will perform. Lower numbers on these ratings indicate better performance.


When choosing new windows homeowners also need to think about safety. There are certain areas of the home like bedrooms and living spaces that require egress windows to meet local building codes. What are egress windows? They have to open a certain amount so the window can be used as an exit in case of emergency. Windows that do not meet these standards will not pass a home inspection.


If security is a concern homeowners might want to invest in impact resistant glass and reinforced frames. They might even go as far as upgrading the locks and latches to help prevent intruders from breaking in, especially for windows on the ground level.


Some windows, like picture windows and casement windows, have to be cleaned from the outside. And putting these windows on the second story of a home will make cleaning and maintenance a little more difficult. Other window styles, like sliding windows or double hung windows, have removable or tiltable sashes to make cleaning safe and easy.

Noise Performance

Windows also help block outside noise. This would be a top concern for homes located near airports or areas with a lot of traffic.


Partnering ultra-modern windows with a traditional style home will look disjointed and off-putting. You want to find window styles that not only provide the functions you want, but also match the style of your home.

Signs You Need Replacement Windows

How do you know if your windows need to be replaced? There are a few things you can watch for. Signs usually start out small like increased cooling costs, difficult operation, or fogging between the panes. More apparent signs include rot, rust, flaking, warping, damage, or broken glass. Any one of these signs can indicate it is time to start thinking about replacement windows.

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