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When it comes to air and moisture leaks, windows are most often the culprits. This is why it is important to pay attention to these fenestrations and spot problems before they cause even more damage, for your home and pocketbook. Checking for leaks if fairly simple. But resolving the problem could be as easy as applying caulk or as complex as getting replacement windows in Garden Grove, CA. This is what you need to know about spotting leaks and how to fix them.

5 Steps for Spotting Window Leaks

You can check for air leaks without buying any special or expensive equipment. Here is what you do:

Step 1. Perform Visual Inspection

The first thing you want to do is perform a thorough inspection of all your windows. Close and lock the sashes and examine the frames for signs of rot, warping, pest infestation, or water damage. Sometimes the signs will be obvious, like a chill draft whistling through the window or a yellow splotch forming on the windowsill. Other times the signs may not be so apparent and you will want to take the next steps to test your windows for leaks.

Step 2. Turn Off the HVAC and Ceiling Fans

Once you have closed and latched all of your windows, doors, and even the fireplace flu, you want to turn off your furnace or air conditioner. Let the system cycle down completely. You also want to stop all ceiling fans or space heaters so there is no extra air movement in your home.

Step 3. Turn On All Exhaust Fans

Bathroom fans, stovetop fans, and even your clothes dryer all suck air outside. Turn these on to depressurize your home. You can even place a large fan in one of your windows to help suck the air outside.

Step 4. Light an Incense Stick or a Candle

Next, you want to light an incense stick or a candle and run it carefully around the edges of your window. If the smoke wavers, or gets sucked into the room, or the light on your candle flickers you have a draft.

Step 5. Repair Leaks

If you discover window leaks a simple fix can be reapplying caulk around the window. First, remove the old caulk with a putty knife, then apply new caulk to the edges of the window. You can also try replacing the weathers stripping to see if that solves the problem. If these methods don’t work, or the leak is beyond repair, you might need to get replacement windows.

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If you have outdated windows it might be time to invest in an upgrade. Today window manufacturers use technologies designed to boost efficiency and prevent air leaks to help insulate your home and save you money. But you want to get replacement windows in Garden Grove, CA from a company you can trust. Contact us at (714) 220-3939 or stop by 4201 Katella Ave., Los Alamitos, CA 90720.