Windows do so much for your home. They let in light and ventilation. They protect you from the outdoors and intruders. They boost curb appeal and enhance the interior design. Really the benefits are almost endless. But windows can also be a source of significant problems too. If something is wrong, your windows can cause discomfort, cost a lot of money, and be a real threat to your safety. Take a look at some of these common problems you might encounter with your windows, and the solutions to help correct the issues:

  1. Drafty Windows

One of the most common complaints about windows is window drafts. Do you see the curtains move on a windy day, even when the window is shut? Do you walk into a room and notice a distinctive change in temperature? Does the window feel hot or cold when you are close to it? These problems can stem from the age and wear of the window, or simply the window design. A few solutions include:

  • Replacing the loose or damaged weather-stripping for a more airtight seal
  • Replacing the window with a more energy efficient design or lower U-value for more insulation
  1. Leaking Windows

In addition to air infiltration, you might notice windows that have water leaks. If you don’t correct the problem soon, moisture can seep into the sill and walls of your home and cause some major damage. Signs of moisture damage include discoloration, peeling paint, warped frames, ice or condensation between the glass, or mold growth. Moisture leaks often stem from too much humidity and condensation, damaged caulking, or glazing problems like broken glass or seals. Some solutions for leaky windows include:

  • Replacing broken glass in a single pane window
  • Reducing humidity inside your home with better ventilation
  • Removing and reapplying the caulk around the exterior of the window
  • Full window replacement
  1. Inoperable Windows

Ever had to muscle a window open? Or have a window that hasn’t opened or closed for years because of broken mechanics? Not only are these windows a hassle, but they can be a real threat to your safety if you cannot use them as an exit during an emergency. These problems typically stem from prolonged use, over-tightening, worn hinges, or warping. And if you try to force a broken window open it will only lead to more problems. Some solutions might be:

  • Repairing or replacing the broken window crank or hinges so it is easier to operate
  • Regularly cleaning and maintaining the window track with a silicone lubricant
  • Replacing the entire window for easy operation 

If you Notice One of These Problems, Call Seaport Window and Door

Keeping your windows in top conditions requires routine cleaning and maintenance. But eventually despite your best efforts, windows will wear out and break down. And sometimes the best solution is replacement windows in Lakewood, CA. When you contact the professionals of Seaport Windows and Door you get complete fulfillment from start to finish. You always get first rate workmanship and materials with a focus on product development, so windows perform better and last longer. For more information call 714-220-3939 or stop by 4201 Katella Ave., Los Alamitos, CA 90720.