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You probably know not all window styles are equal. There are so many options on the market, and each can impact the look and feel of your home in different ways. If you want replacement windows in Signal Hill, CA to help change the aesthetic of your home, then start by sitting down for a professional consultation. Our designers can help guide your decisions so you can get the best look, function, and price on new windows for your home. You might be surprised by how dramatic the difference can be.   

What exactly are your options? Most construction grade windows are three main styles: sliding windows, picture windows, and single hung windows. These are typically the most affordable styles on the market and are easy to install. But they can make a home look and feel bland. There are more options and each creates different aesthetic and functional outcomes. Here are a few of the more interesting window styles on the market that can dramatically change your home:  

Double Hung Windows 

So these windows look almost exactly like single hung windows. But while they are still traditional, they can have a big impact on the way your home feels. Double hung windows open at both the top and the bottom. The cooler air comes in through the lower opening while warmer air pushes out the top, encouraging natural air flow.   

Casement Windows 

These windows hinge to one side and swing out to open, much like a door. The clean lines have a more contemporary style that is great for more modern design. These windows do not require any grilles or rails for support, and you get a complexly unobstructed view of the outdoors. They are also great for ventilation because you have access to the entire opening when the pane is open.   

Awning Windows 

These are similar to casement windows, but instead of hinges at the side, these windows hinge at the top. The window opens out and the glass creates a slanted roof over the opening. Not only do these windows make a statement, but you can also keep them open when it rains.   

Bay Windows 

Larger window installations always make a big difference in the look and feel of a space. Bay windows feature a large fixed window flanked by two smaller, operable windows set on an angle. They project outside giving you some extra square footage inside, as well as plenty of natural light and ventilation. If you want your windows to be the center of attention in a room, these are a great option to consider.   

Bow Windows 

These are similar to bay windows, but instead of hard angles, these windows project outside on a curve. They have a more elegant style that works well for spiral stairs, turrets, and other curved architectural installations.   

Custom Shape Windows 

Looking to really make a statement with your replacement windows? There are several shapes you can choose from including circles, ovals, and hexagons. These types of installations command attention and make interest-grabbing focal points on both the inside and outside of your home.   

For more information on Signal Hill, CA replacement windows that will have an impact on your home call (714) 220-3939. The experts at Seaport Windows and Doors will help you find the best quality products and fair pricing. Stop by 4201 Katella Ave., Los Alamitos, CA 90720 today.