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The industry is saturated with window companies all offering a variety of great products and services. When it comes to making a final decision on replacement windows in Huntington Beach, CA the consultation appointment is one of the best opportunities for you to narrow down your options. That is why it is so important to take the opportunity to become more informed and be prepared with a few questions. Examples of questions you should ask include:   

Can You Explain the Different Window Materials?  

This is an important question, especially because as a homeowner might replace windows maybe once or twice in your lifetime. Understanding the pros and cons of the different window materials will have a huge impact on your final decision. An expert can easily explain the differences and guide you toward a decision that is best for your needs, wants, and budget.   

Can You Explain the Operation of Different Window Styles?  

There are so many different window designs on the market including picture, sliding, single hung, double hung, casement, and more. Each has a unique operation and functionality. And with each design, you have to account for things like outswing, structural support, ventilation, natural light, and security.   

Which Glazing Technologies are Best for my Home?  

Homeowners know some things about window materials and popular window styles, but few understand the advancements in glazing technology. It is common knowledge that two panes of glass sealed as a unit is standard. But beyond that what else is there? You can get different inert gas fills between the glass, special coatings on surfaces, and laminated glass. These technologies come with advantages, but each has a cost. You want to make sure you only pay for upgrades you really need.   

What are the City Codes for Egress Windows?  

Safety is a top concern with replacement windows, specifically making sure occupants have an exit available to them in case of an emergency. That is the role of an egress window. And standards for egress windows are fairly similar across the country. Every bedroom requires an emergency exit. These windows must meet certain size requirements to be considered up to code.   

Do You Have Your Own Installation Team or Subcontract?  

Some window installation companies partner with subcontractors for installation. Others have their own installations teams. Companies that have their own teams are not only easier to schedule, but also receive training directly from the manufacturers they sell. This ensures quality installation along with quality products.   

There are plenty of other questions to ask during a replacement window consultation. You want to understand timelines, warranties, extra fees, and payment terms. This is why it is so important to get replacement windows in Huntington Beach, CA from a company you can trust. To sit down for a consultation call Seaport Windows and Doors at (714) 220-3939. Or stop by 4201 Katella Ave., Los Alamitos, CA 90720 to check out our showroom and see some of our products firsthand.