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“We can really open this place up and bring the outside in at any time.  In the summer this place is always wide open.” -Don D.,  Homeowner and Seaport Windows & Doors Client.

Seaport Windows & Doors successfully completed a project for homeowners in Cypress, CA a few years ago. The project involved the installation of bi-folding doors to create a seamless transition between the kitchen eating area and the pool/outdoor eating area. The bi-folding doors were meticulously crafted with Azek frames, featuring Brio Hardware for smooth operation, Plastpro smooth fiberglass panels on lite doors, and a striking cherry wood-like color finish. Additionally, the wood casing surrounding the doors was stained to harmonize with the overall design.

The project resulted in two sets of bi-fold doors. The first set featured a 3-panel configuration that opened to the right-hand side, while the second set had a 5-panel configuration opening to the left-hand side. Even after all these years, the homeowners remain elated with their bi-fold door selections, particularly during the summer months when they can open up the doors, creating an immersive indoor-outdoor living experience. As you can see, due to the exceptional quality of the installation, the doors are holding up remarkably and as expected.

Don, the owner, expressed his satisfaction with the project and the doors themselves. He shared that the doors had performed exceptionally well since their installation, maintaining their smooth functionality. When recently asked about the investment, Don enthusiastically affirmed that it was a great decision, and he would choose the same doors if he were building today. He even went the extra mile by recommending Seaport Windows & Doors to a friend who was considering a similar project, emphasizing the doors’ enduring quality and their exceptional value as a home investment.

When you choose to work with Seaport Windows & Doors, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best. Our dedication to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail ensure that every project, like the one in Cypress, CA, stands the test of time. Our doors and installation process are meticulously designed not only to meet but exceed homeowners’ expectations, allowing them to enjoy their investments for years to come without worry or fear of premature wear. We take pride in creating seamless indoor-outdoor living experiences that enhance the beauty and functionality of your home while providing peace of mind in the long-lasting quality of our work.

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