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Seaport Windows & Doors recently completed an impressive project for homeowners in Long Beach, CA. This project involved supplying and installing a Seaport 3 plus 0 left-hand inswing bi-fold door with brushed stainless steel hardware. The existing opening was approximately 8 feet wide, prompting a complete stucco break and header replacement to accommodate the 3-panel, 110 5/8″ door unit. To prevent interior damage, all work was meticulously executed from the exterior. In addition, a concrete notch was cut to ensure that the interior edge of the sill aligned perfectly with the finish floor.

The project was divided into several key tasks to ensure precision and excellence. The Seaport Windows & Doors team tore down the stucco and reframed the opening to accommodate the new door. A concrete notch was then expertly cut to create a flush interface with the finish floor. To prepare for the door installation, a bithethane pan was installed, and shims were meticulously positioned to ensure a seamless transition for the floor installation team. While awaiting the arrival of the new bi-fold door unit, the existing door was temporarily re-installed, eliminating the need for a plywood board.

Upon the arrival of the new door unit, the Seaport Windows & Doors team removed the existing door and set the new frame. With the finish floor already in place, moisture protection was applied to the exterior, and brick mold casing was added. The bi-fold door panels were installed and finely adjusted to guarantee smooth operation. A new Emtek handle set was installed, and the multi-point locking system was meticulously tested for proper engagement.

A bronze 3/4″ x 3/4″ L floor transition piece was cut and fitted between the flooring and the door frame, mirroring the elegant design seen in Seaport Windows & Doors’ showroom, allowing for a polished and seamless look. As the project concluded, all stucco patchwork and necessary drywall finishing were taken care of, leaving the space clean and ready for painting by a painting contractor to complete.

Throughout the project, client satisfaction was a top priority, and the homeowners were consulted to ensure their contentment with the installation and the condition of their new bi-fold door system.

In summary, Seaport Windows & Doors not only met but exceeded expectations, delivering a showcase-worthy bi-fold door installation that showcased their commitment to excellence.

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