You took the plunge and decided to replace the outdated windows in your home. It is was a tough, but great decision. If the old windows are leaky, difficult to open, or warped and chipped then replacement windows will be a huge value. But what now? The process for installing windows does take some demolition. There will be construction debris, paint, and dust from stripping and sanding. If you have hired professionals to come to your home, there are a few things you want to do to prepare the space so work will flow as safely, quickly, and efficiently as possible. Here are the steps to follow the day before your installation.

  1. Clean Up

The workers will need to haul tools, cords, and window panes in and out of your home. They will need space and clear pathways. To hasten the replacement process, do what you can to clear the space and remove obstacles. Furniture, rugs, and clutter around your windows should be pushed aside. Something a lot of homeowners forget is that workers will need easy access to outlets. So if possible, uncover the outlets close to your windows.

  1. Take it Down

You also want to remove any window dressing or decorations both inside and outside your home. Items like curtains, blinds, and wreaths will get in the way. You should consider removing any pictures hanging on the walls by your window as well. The vibrations from window removal and installation could knock them down.

  1. Prepare the Outside

In addition to clearing the space inside, you should also clear a workspace in your yard for their tools. Move patio and outdoor future as well as any potted plants that might be in the way. The installation team will do what they can to avoid tramping your flowerbeds, but keep in mind, the workers will need to use ladders and scaffolding, especially if you are having upper windows replaced. If you are concerned about your prized plants, take the time to transplant them until construction is over. You will also want to keep any pets away so they are safe during installation.

  1. Cover Up

The installation team should come prepared to put down some furniture and floor coverings to help keep your space neat. For liability reasons they might have to do it themselves. But it wouldn’t hurt to reach out to the company and double check.

  1. Give them Access

The best possible option is to schedule window installation during a time when you can be there to let them in and supervise the work. If you are getting several new windows in Huntington Beach, CA, plan on installation taking a couple of days. You will need to deactivate any window security, unlock the doors, and turn off the air conditioning or furnace while work is in progress. And if you can’t be present during a portion of the installation, give a neighbor your house key and have them let the workers inside.


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