When you decide to get replacement windows in Huntington, Beach, CA you need to start by finding a reliable installation company. They will be able to help you navigate all the window products and features, offer you the best prices, and get the job done right the first time. It is such a big investment and the last thing you want is to find out later that your windows are failing because of improper installation. So here are a few things to do to make sure you are getting the right window professionals for the job:

  1. Find Window Professionals

In an effort to save money, many homeowners try to DIY window installation or hire a general contractor for the job. The trouble with this is…window installation isn’t easy. It takes special tools, skill, and experience. By choosing professional window companies, you know they handle installations every day. They know what they are doing and how to manage issues that may arise during the installation process.

  1. Gather the Details

Having a business name and a P.O. Box isn’t enough. You want to do a little research on the company to find out where they are located, if they are certified, and how long they have been in business. A well-established business is not only less risk, but they will have more products, services, and clientele you can pull from. It is also important to take time and make sure they are licensed and insured. That way, in case of an accident or mishap, you are not liable.

  1. Read Reviews and Get References

Today social media makes this easy. You can go online and find testimonials, reviews, and even pictures of their workmanship. This can be such a valuable resource in finding the best company for Huntington Beach, CA windows. And even if you choose not to look online, the company should be able to provide you with a list of five to ten references you can follow up on. It is a good way to find out how clients felt about the type of service and products they received. Some may even be willing to let you come by and see the work for yourself.

  1. Get Estimates in Writing

Once you narrow down the company options, it is important to sit down with them for a free consultation and estimate…and be sure to get your estimate in writing. It should include more than just the pricing. It should also have a timeline, the services that are included, and the labor rates. The more detailed your estimate is, the less risk you have of a misunderstanding down the line. You also want to confirm the details of site preparation and clean up, so you know you are hiring someone ready to treat your home right.

  1. Don’t Sign Right Away

Do not sign with the first window company you sit down with. Because this is such a big investment, you want to weigh your options before making your final decision. Sit down and get three estimates from different window companies. That way, you have something to compare. And don’t decide based on price alone. Consider the service, communication, location, products—everything. That way you will hire the best window company for the job.

If you are looking for Huntington Beach, CA windows, a good place to start is Seaport Windows and Doors. We opened our doors in 1991 and have grown to become one of the most respected leaders in the industry. Our goal is complete fulfillment. Call today at 714-220-3939 or stop by 4201 Katella Ave., Los Alamitos, CA 90720 to speak with one of our window professionals.