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Fiberglass windows were once considered a niche product, but in the last decade, these windows are quickly becoming some of the most popular on the market. That said, these replacement windows in Garden Grove, CA still have a ways to go before overtaking wood and vinyl. Why? Because consumers still have a lot of questions about these relatively new products. Hopefully, we can get some of those questions answered here.   replacement windows in Garden Grove, CA

How are Fiberglass Windows Made? 

Fiberglass is a versatile material used in a lot of different applications including car parts, ladders, boats, and construction materials. Each application has a unique manufacturing process. Manufacturers make fiberglass windows through a process called protrusion. They weave thin strands of glass together and cover them with a fiberglass veil and resin. Then manufacturers cut and fuse the pieces together with corner blocks for tight and resilient joints.   

How do Fiberglass Windows Compare in Price? 

Compared to other window materials, fiberglass windows are often the most expensive. That said, they provide higher energy savings and last longer than most products.   

Are Fiberglass Windows Energy Efficient? 

Yes. Because fiberglass does not expand and contract like other materials, these windows remain airtight. The seals are stable and remain intact, so you do not have to worry about air or moisture leaks and unwanted heat transfer.   

Are Fiberglass Windows Durable? 

Absolutely. Fiberglass windows are built to last. They will not warp, rot, rust, chip, or fade. Though lightweight, these products are some of the strongest on the market. Not only does this mean they will hold up longer, but they also require very little maintenance.   

Do I Have Color and Style Options? 

In the early years of production, fiberglass windows came in limited colors and styles. But with more advanced technology and an improved manufacturing process, fiberglass windows come in an array of colors and styles. There are endless customizations you can make, so you are sure to find something to suit your taste and the aesthetic of your home.   

Do Fiberglass Windows Need to be Painted? 

Over time you might notice the finish starts fade on other fiberglass products. This is because the gel-coat finish on these products is a mixture of resin and polyester. While it looks fantastic when first applied, it is more porous and fades quickly over time. Top of the line fiberglass windows are coated with an acrylic, mechanically bonded finish that never fades.   

How Do I Maintain Fiberglass Windows? 

The material is weather and UV resistant. So all you need to do to keep them looking new is wash them with water and mild detergent, clean the glass, and lubricate the tracks.   

Do I Have to Replace All My Windows at Once? 

Most homeowners choose to replace multiple windows to save on installation costs and maintain a similar aesthetic throughout their home. But you don’t have to replace multiple windows. You can choose to replace one window if that is all you really need.   

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