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Growing up you might have had an older home that needed to be prepared for winter. Steps included cleaning up, sealing up gaps, and adding insulation where necessary to help keep the inside comfortable and reduce energy costs. But it isn’t just older homes that benefit from winterization. Even if you have recently purchased replacement windows in Long Beach, CA there are several things you can do to prepare for the colder months. Here are a few steps to keep in mind if you haven’t already:

Clean the Gutters

Over the summer and fall, the gutters of your house collect a lot of debris. And you want those gutters clear come spring so they can function properly. So before winter sets in it is a good idea to break out the ladder and clearing out clogged gutters.

Store Yard Tools

During the warmer season, you want easy access to your yard tools, but you shouldn’t just leave them outside year-round. To prolong the life of your mowers, hoses, and garden tools give them a good wipe down and store them away for winter. This will protect them from the elements and help prevent rust. Also, you should drain the gas if you have a gas propelled mower.

Fill Exterior Gaps

Check the perimeter of your home, specifically the places where things inside the home connect to the outside. There will be quite a few openings for seams, pipes, faucets, and vents. You might even have gaps around window and door frames. For the most part, you can fill the gaps with spray foam insulation or caulk. The entire process takes just a few minutes, and these small steps will help seal your home and keep any pests outside.

Reverse the Ceiling Fans

In the summer you want your fans to run counter-clockwise to circulate the air and keep things cool. But in winter you should run the fans clockwise to help push the rising warm air back down.

Adjust the Thermostat

Most HVAC professionals suggest keeping the thermostat set at 68. This steady-state temperature is warm enough to keep the home comfortable, but still low enough the furnace won’t need to run constantly.

Swap the Furnace Filters

If you haven’t checked the filters in your HVAC system for a couple of months, then it is time to swap them out. This is even more important during peak usage where you want easy airflow. Otherwise, the obstructed air will put more strain on the system and wear it out faster.

Install Storm Windows

In older homes, storm windows were a common addition in winter. They are an additional glass pane you install either inside or outside of your existing window to reduce leaks and heat transfer. But they are not as common today. This is because modern window glazing technology has come a long way. New windows don’t require much in the way of winterization. So if you are still installing storm windows you might think about getting an upgrade.

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