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Are the windows in your home leaky or drafty? Do you get a lot of unwanted noise coming in through your windows? Are they looking worn out and dilapidated? If so, it could be time for replacement windows in Long Beach, CA. But this home improvement is a hefty investment. Do you really need to spend all that money to replace all of your windows in one go? Here is what you need to know before deciding how many new windows you need.

Signs You Need Replacement Windows

Homeowners may think that knowing when to get new windows would be pretty straight forward. Windows with leaks, warped frames, or broken glass clearly need to be replaced. But few people realize there are more subtle indicators that windows have outlived their usefulness. A few of these less obvious signs include increased energy bills, condensation between the glass, noise pollution, and difficult operation. Most windows start developing these types of problems around the 15 to 20 year mark. So if homeowners have older windows they should take a closer look. Any one of these signs could mean it is indeed time for replacement windows.

Do I Have to Replace All the Windows at Once?

The truth is homeowners can replace windows in phases as the need arises. If one window has broken glass, by all means, they should take care of that window right away. Safety and security should always be the top priority. Defective glass, mold, rot, and inoperable windows can also be hazardous. Next homeowners should consider how much energy they are losing through old windows. Window leaks can account for 30 percent of energy losses. Lastly, homeowners consider replacement windows for aesthetic purposes.

What are the Benefits of Replacing All Windows?

That said, if all of the windows in the home are old and worn, there are advantages to replacing them all at once. For the most part, the total cost for replacement windows is lower when homeowners install more windows. Dealers might also offer discounts on labor fees for larger projects. Homeowners also need to consider the price of their time. Installing windows in increments means multiple appointments across several days. But installing them all at once means just one appointment that takes only two or three days. It also means all the windows will match instead of just a couple. The best thing to do is sit down with a window professional and discuss the most economical schedule for the project.

Find a Window Professional You Can Trust

If you are looking at getting replacement windows in Long Beach, CA contact Seaport Windows and Doors. Our experts can walk you through the process, evaluate your old windows, and help you find the best solutions for your home. Still have questions? Great. Contact us at (714) 220-3939 or stop by 4201 Katella Ave., Los Alamitos, CA 90720. We can address your concerns and get you started on your personalized home improvement project.