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Homeowners often struggle with the decision to repair or replace old windows. They worry about the cost and think repair will save them money. In some cases, windows can be repaired, but if they are too old sometimes it is better to upgrade to new windows. What homeowners often forget is though replacement windows in Huntington Beach, CA cost a lot up front, there are several cost-saving benefits to keep in mind.

Energy Efficiency

Windows don’t last forever. Over time parts break down and start to fail and cause gaps in the seals and assembly. Heat and moisture to transfer through and the HVAC system has to work overtime to keep the home comfortable. This reduces the efficiency of the windows and drives up the energy costs in the home.

New windows are made with better technologies. The special glass, tighter seals, and inert gas fills make these windows more efficient than ever. Heat and cold do not readily transfer through. Choosing the right frame material, window style, and energy efficient technologies will go a long way in saving money and making the home more comfortable throughout the year.

Safety and Security

Old windows can quickly become a hazard in the home. Locks and latches break down. Operation becomes sticky. It is not only frustrating, but these windows could be dangerous if homeowners or occupants need to use them in an emergency. They are also more vulnerable to break-ins.

Replacement windows are built with stronger frames that are more impact resistant. Locks and latches on new windows are made from stronger materials. Manufactures also implement safety glass so it remains largely intact instead of breaking into dangerous shards. All of these features and characteristics boost the safety and security of replacement windows.

Curb Appeal and Home Value

Dilapidated windows that are faded, warped and cracked can also age the home and bring down the value. This is a problem if homeowners are looking to sell. That is why, when windows are 20 years old or more, it is probably time to start thinking about getting replacements.

Potential buyers are drawn to homes with new windows because they know that is one less home improvement project they will have to tackle on their own dime. New windows can also change the aesthetic of a home, boost curb appeal, and get homeowners a great return on their investment.

If you have windows that are more than 20 years old it might be time to start looking at replacement windows in Huntington Beach, CA. There are so many money saving benefits when you upgrade to more modern products. At Seaport Windows and Doors we focus on product development and making sure our products are on the cutting edge. Our main goal is complete customer fulfillment. We will take care of you from the initial phone call to the final item of completion. For more information contact us at (714) 220-3939. Or to check out some products firsthand you can visit the showroom located at 4201 Katella Ave., Los Alamitos, CA 90720.