The windows in your home do more than just let in light and ventilation. They are an aesthetic feature in every space, help improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling, and can block out unwanted sound. You want your windows to continue looking and performing their best. For that you will want to make sure you are taking the time to clean and maintain your windows every couple of months. With these simple routines you can prolong the life of your windows, and if something does go wrong you will know when it is time for replacement.

  1. Perform an Inspection

While cleaning your windows it is a good opportunity to make sure everything is in working order. Check the frame for leaks, cracks, rot, warping—anything that might be amiss. You should also check the latches and locks on your windows and test the operation. That way you can pinpoint any minor problems and get repairs before you have a larger issue on your hands.

  1. Remove and Clean the Screens

The next step in window maintenance is removing the screens. Place them on a clear, flat surface outside or prop them up in your bathtub or shower. Then spray them down gently with water and use mild soap to get rid of dirt. Rinse them clean and give them time to dry while you wash the rest of your windows. Cleaning the screens will help cut down on the dust and allergens coming into your home.

  1. Clean the Window Frames

Next you will want to use mild detergent and water to wipe down the frames of your windows. You should never use harsh chemicals or abrasives when cleaning your windows or you can damage the finish. Never use a power washer on the exterior of your windows. Instead use a soft cloth and soft bristle brush to clean and rinse, and then dry with a soft towel. Try to work quickly so water does not seep down into the frame while you clean.

  1. Clean the Glass

When it comes to a streak free shine, it seems like everyone has their trade secrets. Again, just be sure to use mild products so you don’t damage the tints or coatings on your windows. Spray with a glass cleaner and wipe down with lint free cloths. You might try newspapers or a whiteboard eraser if you are struggling with streaks on your glass.

  1. Remove Dirt and Debris before Lubricating the Track

Last but not least, you want to take care of the moving parts on your windows. Use a vacuum and a plastic putty knife to remove any dirt, dust, pet hair, and debris from the tracks. Then find a silicone spray for lubrication. Spray this into a cloth and apply it to the track for smooth, efficient operation.

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