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Living in a smaller space has a lot of benefits. It often means less cleaning and maintenance, less energy waste and a smaller carbon footprint. It also fosters a more minimalist lifestyle and communal living. However, there are also some disadvantages to small spaces, like feeling claustrophobic. Small homes can feel tight, stuffy, and dark. But with the right replacement windows in Huntington Beach, CA you can remedy that. The right windows can catch more daylight making your home feel brighter, larger, and more welcoming. These are some of the best window styles for smaller homes:

Horizontal Sliding Windows

These are common in almost every home. Sliding windows feature a simple design where one sash moves back and forth on a track, overlapping with a fixed sash. Because of this simple operation, sliding windows do not require any extra space. They also require very little in the way of cleaning and maintenance. Best of all, they have a wider design than some other window styles and can capture extra daylight. Homeowners often prefer these types of windows in living areas and bedrooms.

Single or Double Hung Windows

These windows are like sliding windows but operate vertically. With single hung windows one sash moves up and down, and with double hung windows both sashes are operable. The vertical nature of these windows is good for both natural light and ventilation. And again, because these windows do not have swing out to open, they are perfect for areas along patios or walkways. They work well in almost any room in the house.

Awning Windows

These window styles are often seen in large, public buildings like churches and schools. But they also work well in small homes. Awning windows hinge at the top of the frame. The bottom pushes out to open. The small roof created by the pane of glass protects against rain or debris, so homeowners can open these windows even on stormy days. In a small home where natural ventilation is important, awning windows do a great job. These are especially good in areas with high humidity, like kitchens and bathrooms.

Transom Windows

Most people who own small homes do not want to compromise valuable and usable wall space for an expansive set of windows. A creative solution is installing narrow windows high up on the wall. This is often unused space and placing windows there allows for more light and less reliance on artificial lighting. It also helps homeowners maintain privacy and security in their small homes. These work well in areas where people congregate like kitchens and living areas.


Looking to capitalize even more on natural light? Skylights or sun tubes are a great option. These go in the ceiling. Again, homeowners get plenty of daylight without compromising the usable space in their home. And with modern glazing technologies, it is easy to get more light in the home without the radiant heat.

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