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When it comes to choosing the right replacement windows there is a lot to consider: energy efficiency, ventilation, materials, style, etc. With more people favoring open floor plans, optimizing natural light is another piece to that puzzle. You need the right arrangement and style of replacement windows in Long Beach, CA if you want to naturally light almost all of your home during the daytime.

What are the Benefits of Natural Light?

Human beings need sunlight. Research also proves people are generally calmer, more focused, more productive, and healthier when they get more natural light. Capitalizing on natural daylight also means you do not require as much artificial lighting throughout the day. This saves money on energy costs. Another great benefit is more sunlight makes your home feel larger, cleaner, and more inviting.

Some Factors to Consider

Choosing the right replacement windows starts with thinking about the orientation of your home. Which spaces will need the most light? Living areas, home offices, and kitchens are where you likely spend the most time. Which of these areas face the sun and which ones will need some extra help to take full advantage of daylighting? Once you answer these questions you can move on to choosing the right windows for each room.

Best Window Styles for Natural Light

Bigger windows are usually better for natural light. Large installments of picture windows, bay windows, and bow windows can help capture sunlight from different angles and really illuminate your space. But you don’t always have to choose the largest windows possible. Sometimes a narrow row of transom windows along the ceiling will give you just the right amount of daylight and privacy your bedroom requires. And if you require light and ventilation, horizontal sliding windows are another option to consider.

Guidelines for Providing More Balanced Natural Light

Different spaces have different uses and require different ranges of acceptable light levels. Too much light and too much contrast can be uncomfortable for the eyes, especially in places like a home office. This is why diffused, or balanced light is important for visual comfort. To provide balanced natural light you should try to introduce daylight from two different directions. This helps you avoid glare and visual hot spots. And if you do get strong direct sunlight coming through southern or western facing windows you can use light, gauzy window treatments to help diffuse the light as it filters in. You can also balance light by introducing it from two different directions.

Other Ways to Capitalize on Natural Light

There are several things you can do to take full advantage of the daylight coming into your home. Your color palette plays a major role. If you want brighter, larger looking spaces try decorating with mostly light, neutral tones. Reflective surfaces like mirrors, countertops, and flooring can also help spread the light around.

With so much to consider about natural light, you should consult with the professionals of Seaport Windows and Doors. Contact (714) 220-3939 or stop at 4201 Katella Ave., Los Alamitos, CA 90720. Our goal is complete fulfillment. These are exciting times in the industry, and there are technologies and advancements that haven’t been available in the past. We can help you find Long Beach, CA replacement windows to meet your daylighting needs.