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Bathrooms have evolved over the decades. They used to be tiny, dark spaces where you would tuck yourself away to quickly take care of business. Today master bathrooms are more like a private oasis. They are often bright and beautiful spaces for relaxing, bathing, and pampering. Some are so well designed you would almost want to live in there. And a lot of the beauty and brightness comes from amazing windows. Looking to update your own master bathroom? Here are the replacement windows in La Palma, CA you want to consider:  

What is the Best Window Material for the Bathroom?  

The bathroom is subjected to increased levels of humidity with a higher dew point. The moisture would have a negative impact on wood and aluminum replacement windows. Vinyl and fiberglass are better suited for bathroom use. You also want efficient windows that keep the surface of the glass warm.   

  1. Skylights

Looking for more natural light while retaining your privacy? Skylights can go over the vanity, tub, or shower. They will make the space feel larger and more inviting. And if you don’t have the budget for a skylight you might consider a solar tube. These installations do not require alterations to drywall or framing. That said, skylights and solar tubes do not give you any ventilation.   

  1. TransomWindows

Typically people install transom windows above doors. They help cast light in dark entryways and alcoves. But these windows can also go high up on the wall, closer to the ceiling in the bathroom. These fixed window styles are also known as clerestory windows. Like skylights, they are great for light and privacy, but these windows do not open ventilation. And in the bathroom, it is important to have at least one window that will open. So you would want to combine skylights or clerestory windows with at least one operable window style.   

  1. Casement orAwning Windows 

When it comes to security and energy performance, crank windows are a great option. Instead of the weather stripping like on sliding windows, casements and awning windows have a compression seal where the sash meets the frame. When closed and latched these form an airtight seal.   

  1. DoubleHung Windows 

These windows feature two sashes that slide up and down on a track. And while you can only ever open half of the window, by opening the top and bottom you can foster more natural air flow in the bathroom. Warm, moist air flows out the top why fresh air flows in through the bottom.   

  1. Bay WindowsLa Palma, CA replacement windows

These are a great solution for tricky areas around the tub. Many homeowners love the light and ventilation these windows provide, and with etched glass, these windows can also give you all the privacy you need.   

If you want to find the right replacement windows in La Palma, CA for your bathroom call the experts at Seaport Windows and Doors. You can reach us at (714) 220-3939 or stop by our showroom, 4201 Katella Ave., Los Alamitos, CA 90720.