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When you are ready replacement windows in Los Alamitos, CA choosing the right material will be a top priority. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners write off aluminum. They think the material is outdated and inefficient. What they may not realize is the aluminum windows of today are not the same as the windows from the 70s. Here are a few reasons why they need to give these products another look:

Strong and Durable

Aluminum windows are built to last. They have a high strength-to-weight ratio. This means these window frames are light and malleable, but also very strong. They are also more resistant to the elements and not as likely to rust or warp.


Because aluminum windows are so strong manufactures can make windows with larger panes of glass on smaller frames. The sleek design is clean and very modern. People who favor a more minimalist style will really enjoy the clean lines of aluminum windows.


Like vinyl, aluminum is easy to manipulate. As such, homeowners can get aluminum windows is a wide array of sizes, styles, and finishes. They also come in an array of colors, everything from the most vibrant hues to the most appealing neutrals.

Energy Efficient

Aluminum itself is not a great insulator, but that does not mean these windows are inefficient. Modern aluminum windows feature thermal breaks to prevent heat transfer. They can reduce heat gains by as much as 60 percent.

Noise Reducing

In addition to blocking heat, aluminum windows can also block unwanted noise pollution. In fact, aluminum window frames outperform both wood and vinyl in acoustic performance. This is an important feature if you are tired of hearing busy traffic or the neighbor’s leaf blower.

Easy to Maintain

Aluminum does not take a lot of care and maintenance. The pre-manufactured colors do not easily chip or fade and do not require touch-ups. In fact, all that is required to wash these window frames is water, mild detergent, and a sponge.


Vinyl windows are often the most affordable products on the market. But aluminum replacement windows take a close second. And if you are thinking long-term, aluminum windows actually provide a better value.

Boost Home Value

Aluminum windows give homeowners a great return on their investment. New windows are a big draw to prospective buyers and will help boost the value of the home. This is especially true if the old windows were more than 20 years old.


Aluminum has one of the highest recycling rates. Recycling aluminum takes 5% of the initial energy consumed to create it. And it is an environmentally sustainable material. If homeowners are really looking for an eco-friendly option, this is it.

If you are considering replacement windows in Los Alamitos, CA don’t write off aluminum windows just yet. Sit down with one of our professionals to see which option is best for your home and budget. To set up an appointment with Seaport Windows and Doors call http://www.seaportwindowsanddoors.com/ (714) 220-3939. Or to check out some of our aluminum windows stop by 4201 Katella Ave., Los Alamitos, CA 90720.