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When you are staging your home to sell there are a lot of things you can do to boost interest and make your home more attractive to buyers. There are also several things that can quickly devalue your home. From clutter to outdated windows in Cypress, CA, here are a few things that can quickly devalue your home:  

  1. Too Much Stuff

Clutter is one of the biggest turnoffs to prospective buyers. They want to see the possibilities, not the mess. Too much stuff, whether it be outdoor furniture, yard toys, garden gnomes, or a jungle of plants, can make your home look much smaller and less attractive. That is why keeping your home clean on the inside and outside is well worth the effort when looking to boost curb appeal.   

  1. Color Clashes

When you want to boost curb appeal it is best to keep colors understated. Too many bright, contrasting colors can be jarring and a turn off for potential buyers. Instead, you want to try and keep colors in the same color family and limit the use of bright colors to smaller areas like trim, window shutters, and doors.   

  1. Peeling Paint

Along with clashing colors also comes peeling paint. A fresh coat of paint won’t do much for a home that needs serious repairs. But if the paint is the main problem, redoing it can make a noticeable difference.   

  1. Unkempt Lawns and Gardens

A clean, well-kept lawn and garden can go a long way in making your home more appealing. That said, in areas prone to drought homebuyers don’t take wasting water lightly. If it isn’t sensible to bring the lawn back to life, spend time cleaning up weeds and building a garden. There are plenty of ways to bring life and color into the yard.   

  1. Rust and Weather Stains

Leaving rust and weather stains on the outside of the home gives off the impression that it is not well-cared for. Removing weather stains may not be easy, but just making the effort to try and remove grime will make your home look much better.   

  1. Dilapidated Steps

Invisible or rickety stairs are not just an eye-sore, but also a safety hazard. It can make potential buyers feel unsteady and unsafe. So while it can be a difficult problem to correct, fixing the stairs should be a top priority.   

  1. Cracked Walkways

You can’t help the cracking sidewalks out in front of your home. Best you can do is contact the city and hope for the best. But your driveway and personal walkways are within your control. You should seal your concrete to help protect against weathering. If not they can crack and create a poor first impression of your home.   

  1. Dirty Old Windows

Drafty, dirty, inefficient windows will bring a lot of criticism. They not only look bad, but potential buyers also know they will cost a lot of money. They will either pay in energy losses or have to pay for upgraded windows. Neither thing will bring you high offers on your home. So if you have money for home improvements, replacement windows can offer you some of the best returns on your investment.   

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