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Water coming in through your windows can be a major concern. If it goes unnoticed it can lead to several other more serious problems. You will want to think about window replacement in Long Beach, CA as soon as possible. How do you know if your window is leaking? These are a few signs to look for:

1. Water Accumulation

A puddle forming on the sill or floor near a window is the most obvious sign of a leak. You will want to mop it up the moment you discover it. And you want to get the window repaired as soon as possible. If the leak continues you might have to dig deeper for a better solution to your leak.

2. Stains and Discoloration

Water damage can also appear as spotting or stains around a window. The most common discoloration is brown, yellow, or copper. It might appear and fade with changes in weather. Or it might be permanent. You can try and spot clean the area with detergents to get rid of the spotting. But if the damage comes from a window leak you need to treat the underlying problem.

3. Peeling Paint

In addition to discoloration, water damage can also bubble wallpaper and peel paint. When the drywall becomes saturated with water the paint loses adhesion. So if you notice paint flaking off the drywall you should take a closer look to make sure the problem doesn’t stem from a leaky window.

4. Unpleasant Odor

Damp spaces can have a musty odor. It is a distinctive aroma that indicates the dampness has caused some type of mold growth. It could be from plumbing or water seeping in from outside. Sometimes you can smell the mold growth before you see it.

5. Mold Growth

Mold is another side effect of moisture. And what starts out as a small problem could rapidly grow into a serious issue. Mold produces airborne spores that can result in allergy or cold-like symptoms. You want to clean the area swiftly and repair the leak.

6. Sagging Wall or Ceiling

If water penetrates far enough it can leech into the walls, ceiling, or floor of your home. And when saturated the drywall becomes heavy. It will start to sag under the weight and eventually the underlying structure can warp or buckle.

7. Floor Effects

Water seeps to the lowest point. It will leak under carpet, vinyl, tile, and even deep into the subfloor. In addition to noticeable dampness, this can warp flooring, loosen tiles, and peel linoleum and laminate.

If you notice signs of leaks and water damage around your windows you need to figure out how extensive the damage is. You also need to pinpoint the source of the leak. And if it is coming from your windows you want to get window replacement in Long Beach, CA as soon as possible. For expert help finding the right products for your home call Seaport Windows and Doors at (714) 220-3939. Or stop by 4201 Katella Ave., Los Alamitos, CA 90720.