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Trends tend to come and go, but there is one new window material on the market that is here to stay—vinyl windows. When these products first came on the market many builders were skeptical. They couldn’t believe a construction product made of plastic could possibly hold up against time tested materials like aluminum and fiberglass. And while the early vinyl windows did have pitfalls, these products have come leaps and bounds in the last few decades. They are now some of the most popular windows on the market. So if you are looking at window replacement in Huntington Beach, CA here are a few reasons why vinyl windows are worth a closer look:

1. Energy Efficient

Vinyl is a natural insulator. It does not readily transfer heat and is great if you are looking to improve the efficiency of your home. They will help keep your home more comfortable and reduce the strain on your HVAC system. At first, the savings might seem small, but the numbers will add up over the years.

2. Weather Resistant

Vinyl windows do not degrade because of moisture or sun exposure. You will not have to worry about warping, rust, rot, corrosion, or peeling paint. These windows will remain intact and will not chip or fade over time. This also makes them fairly low maintenance. They only require mild detergent, water, and a soft cloth to keep the frames clean and looking new.

3. Noise Reducing

In addition to blocking heat transfer and the elements, vinyl windows also help reduce unwanted noise pollution. So if your home is located by an airport or busy street this feature will have significant value. Imagine the peace and tranquility of your home without the barrage of outside noise keeping you on edge.

4. Long Lasting

The construction grade polyvinyl chloride (PVC) used in vinyl windows has special additives that boost strength, durability, energy efficiency, and UV resistance. A few of these ingredients include titanium dioxide and organic tin. As a result, these products are built to last and most will last 20 years or more with very little maintenance.

5. Cost-Effective

Compared to other window materials, vinyl windows are some of the most affordable products on the market. Why? Because the material is manmade and easy to manufacture. It is also pliable and easy to manipulate. Vinyl windows are also lightweight and more forgiving to install. All of this adds up to savings on the bottom line. They are an excellent value if you are looking for quality at a more affordable price.

If you need window replacement in Huntington Beach, CA you should give vinyl windows serious consideration. To learn more about these products talk with our experts. They have detailed product and design knowledge. They can walk you through the pros and cons of different products and help you find the best solutions for your home and budget. Call Seaport Windows and Doors today at (714) 220-3939. Or stop by 4201 Katella Ave., Los Alamitos, CA 90720.